Hair Color Correction and Color Balancing at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC

Our skilled staff is highly trained in the art of hair color balancing, hair color restoration, color removal and hair color correction. If you’ve experienced a hair color disaster at home or elsewhere, you can trust in the hair color technicians at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte to fix your hair. At some point, we’ve all witnessed a hair color horror story.  

  • Hair color that makes complexion look washed out
  • Lightened hair that has turned brassy or orange
  • Several inches of root regrowth
  • Vivid hair color that’s now faded
  • Hair that has visible bands of overlapping dye from repeat coloring at home

Are you wearing the wrong hair color?

Let the color experts at Salon Piper Glen in Ballantyne guide you to the best color to complement your style, your eyes and your skin tone. Wearing a color just a shade or two off can actually age you or make you look tired.  If you’ve been coloring your own hair, or if you’ve been wearing the same color for years, why not get a second opinion.  You could take years off your look with even a subtle adjustment in your color!

“Redken Elite Salon” Means Elite Hair Color Skills

As one of only a few Redken elite hair salons in the South East, we are experts when it comes to correcting hair color disasters. Below are some of the common questions – and mistakes – people make when it comes to correcting their hair color or changing their hair color.

Create Without Limits. Bleach & Color Without Worry.

We may suggest using a hair treatment, such as Bond Builder Treatment to help restore and repair damaged hair.  It may take more than one appointment to transform your hair to beautiful once more, but we will ensure you fully understand the steps we are planning to take and the timings and results you can realistically expect to achieve. 

Can I Put Hair Dye Over My Color? 

Most people think that putting a different color over the hair dye disaster will solve the problem, but this is not the case. If anything it could make it worse! Your hair color is affected by all sorts of factors including being lightened by the sun, being repeatedly washed, having root regrowth and a build up of colorant. As a result, the different sections and strands of hair will be different colors. 

Let an expert at our hair salon in Charlotte NC analyze your hair to decide the exact mix of shades and tones needed to restore your color.

My Hair Color is Uneven – What Can I Do? 

Come in for a color consultation so that we can assess your hair to work out a recovery plan. Our color experts will work hard to achieve, maintain and correct the perfect hair color for you.  

How Can I Improve the Look of Over-Bleached Hair?

The health of your hair is of utmost importance to us and so we would never recommend that you bleach your hair at home. This is because it can make your hair become very dry which then leads to your hair splitting and breaking.At Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, North Carolina, we use the best hair color products and know exactly what to do when it comes to removing unwanted shades and restoring hair health.

Book A Color Correction Appointment at Top Hair Salon in Charlotte, North Carolina

No matter what the hair color disaster is, we are experts in hair color and color correction so book in now for a free consultation so that we can start your journey towards your beautiful hair recovery.  Call our salon on 704-542-7386 or email

Hair color correction & color change experts in North Carolina







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