Perms & Relaxers


A perm or permanent wave is a chemical treatment that works by reforming the bonds of your hair.  A perm can either create softer curls on textured hair, add body and waves to straight hair or create curl on straight hair. We customize the shape and size of your curls to get your desired look.  Although the name suggests otherwise, the results of a perm are only temporary, lasting several weeks to several months depending on your hair type.

Perms & Relaxers

Add Body and Wave

Perms - or permanent waves - have come a long way since the tight curly perms of the 1980s so if you're ready for gorgeous wavy hair full of volume and movement, book in now for a perm or relaxer at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC.

We will use a perm that works with your hair type and texture.  While perms are commonly associated with creating curls and beachy waves, they can also be used to soften tight curly hair too, referred to as a soft curly perm.

Perms & Relaxers

Smooth and Straighten Hair

Chemical Relaxers can make textured hair smoother and more manageable.  Whether you’re looking to straighten hair completely, or just smooth curls and reduce frizz, we will select the best relaxer to create your desired look.  A chemical relaxer will permanently straighten the hair, and your natural curl pattern will return as new hair grows.  To keep your style straight, you will need a relaxer touch up on your roots.

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