The Best Winter Hair Colors

The Top Winter Hair Color Trends at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC

Winter is very much in the air (or the hair, to be more precise). We know that sun-kissed, beachy highlights are in favour in the warmer months, but when the leaves start to turn many of us look to something more polished. If this sounds like you, you need to start thinking about your new-season hue now.

The hair color specialists at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC can find an on-trend hair color that is perfect for you, we’ve even created a guide to our favourite Winter Hair Colour Trends to help you find a fabulous new look!

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Winter Hair Colour Trend 1 – Blonde Hair With Lowlights

Winter is the perfect time for lighter hair colors to make way for darker blonde hair colors.

If you want to tone down your beach blonde locks, consider adding some darker blonde lowlights throughout your hair, to give a depth and dimension to your blonde hair. 

Winter Hair Color Trend 2 – Red Hair Colors

Red hair is more than a color, it’s an attitude. There are so many red hair color shades to choose from, including copper, auburn, dark red and vibrant fashionable red hair colors. Ask your Salon Piper Glen hair color experts which red hair color will suit you best. Red hair color tends to fade more quickly than other hair colors, speak to us about the best products to maintain your vibrant red hair color.

Winter Hair Color Trend 3 – Balayage Hair Color

Balayage is one of the most popular hair color trends, it is low maintenance and a great way of trying out a new hair color in an understated way. 

Natural looking balayage hair color is popular all year around. Balayage colors tend to be more warm in the winter months including honey blondes, caramel and warm golden blonde hair colors. You can even use balayage to experiment with fashionable hair colors, such as vivid reds or pink shades. 

Whichever balayage look you desire, talk to our Salon Piper Glen hair color experts so they can help you to find the perfect balayage hair color this winter.

Winter Hair Color Trend 4 – Ombre Hair Color

Ombré hair color is big news this season! 

The ombré technique is when we color your hair in a way that makes the hair lighter from the mid-lengths to the ends… this looks beautiful when you choose a mixture of dark and light blonde shades. 

As with balayage, ombré  is a relatively low maintenance hair color which makes it ideal if you are new to coloring your hair.  You can leave longer between visits to Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC as there will be no noticeable root growth. We would highly recommend that you return every eight weeks for a toner to refresh your gorgeous light ends, and prevent them from looking brassy.

Healthy Hair for Winter

An important element to consider when it comes to winter hair is rejuvenation, because the sun, salt and chlorine of the previous months are likely to have wreaked havoc on its condition. So before thinking about coloring your hair, it’s a good idea to book in for a restorative treatment at Salon Piper Glen in Charlotte, NC.

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